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Letters and Emails: [Published here with permission]

Dr. White, You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I want to update you. My children were pressuring me to move in with one of them but I didn't want to do that. And I don't want alcohol and cigarettes in my home. You helped me with options and how to tell my kids to back off. They didn't want me dating after my husband died, remember that? I met the greatest fella. Did you notice my name is different? I am married now and Dr. White, thanks to you, I am really happy. Mrs. "Jones," age 75.

Hi Dr. White, my brain slip-ups were embarrassing and I was worried sick. After the test [assessment], you gave me that handout about conditions that may cause memory loss and suggested I tell my doctor. I never believe this... I had anemia and a Vitamin B-12 deficiency!! That caused my memory to fail me. Now, I don't have any memory loss and my mind is working fine now. Thank you, Dr. White, for all you are doing for our community. God Bless You!!" Mr. "Smith," age 69.

Dr. White, I have been watching you on television for ten years. Your topics are SO good for me. I'm even buying brown bread now! When I got diabetes, I remembered the shows you did on seniors eating right and I started eating better and taking care of myself. I'm walking on the track with my grandson and my energy is better and I get up every Tuesday to make sure I see you [on the television show]. All these years, you keep telling us old folks to get a flu shot and I never did. I'm stubborn. Last week, I got a flu shot! The one you said is four times stronger just for old people. Keep helping us seniors, Dr. White. We appreciate you. Mrs. "Brown," an older adult.

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