Aging and Life Transition Consultations  


Setting a course for the future is why people work with an age coach. 

An age coach assists in identifying strengths, establishing practical goals, identifying obstacles, and developing strategies for navigating around habits and barriers that may disrupt successful aging.

Dr. White's approach is a hybrid combining mentoring, consulting, and coaching. Getting old isn't easy but it can be fulfilling and joyful.

Traversing the "system" can be overwhelming. Senior adults have lots of questions about aging and seek direction, knowledge, guidance, advice, encouragement, and solutions.

Older adults are overwhelmed by the onslaught of consumer products and debatable studies related to aging. They are often bullied and intimidated by family members, co-workers, and friends who question every lost key.

Likewise, grown children are often distraught over the changes they observe in their aging parents and seek guidance toward maintaining equilibrium and addressing their concerns.